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Integrative Medicine Education and Consulting  


Hospitals, clinics, hospice centers and other institutions are welcome to take advantage of our consulting services. Tague Consulting experts can help you establish or grow integrative medicine services.  We focus on safety, effectiveness, and sustainability.

We will help you establish excellent complementary and integrative medicine services for your patients, families and staff.

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Forms Development (paper or EHR)
  • Protocols
  • Job Descriptions
  • Budgeting and Service Delivery Systems
As integrative healthcare finds its way into hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, special needs day care centers, and other healthcare organizations, patients and their families all will benefit as they receive care that recognizes the needs of the whole person.

Tague Consulting educates practitioners and serves as a resource and initial support team for organizations building integrative services. If you or others in your organization are interested in developing integrative medicine services for your patients, we are available to teach and/or consult. Disciplines we currently support include:
Coming soon: Acupuncture, Yoga, and Music Therapy

What is Hospital-Based Massage Therapy?

A Hospital-Based Massage Therapy service is a specialized array of bodywork modalities that are adjusted for each patient population, for the acute care environment and for the unique relational needs of patients, families and staff. A quality Hospital-Based Massage Therapy program provides safe, effective, and sustainable massage and bodywork therapies for hospitalized patients and the entire hospital community.

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy is adjusted to meet the specific needs of a patient’s medical condition, including cardiac issues, stroke/head trauma, cancer and its related treatments, or any number of medical complexities that require hospitalization, acute rehabilitation or palliative care.

Often, patients are highly stressed and in great need of supportive, restorative therapies that work in conjunction with conventional medical treatments to encourage the body’s own healing capacities. The practice of offering gentle massage therapy and bodywork techniques to people who find themselves in a hospital, or in a medically frail condition needing medical care, can be one of the most fulfilling practices in the entire field of bodywork.

Why Would Hospitals Offer Massage Therapy?

Over 300 hospitals in the U.S. offer some form of massage therapy for patients, families and/or staff. Hospital leadership teams often recognize the effectiveness and added value of providing massage therapy and other integrative medicine services because of research, patient surveys, and the countless anecdotal stories of patients whose well-being has been enhanced through low-cost, non-invasive, low-tech services such as massage therapy.

Successful Hospital-Based Massage Therapy and other integrative medicine disciplines all are based on internal commitment and appropriately trained practitioners.